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    Swedish magazine - gives the thumbs up to Perma-Grit Tools.


    Practical Boat Owner  - Tested  issue No 415 July 2001

    below is what Practical Boat Owner had to say….

    The rough and the smooth

    Perma-Grit® Tools  

    "It’s not often that a product attracts unqualified enthusiasm from our testers, but when we placed a small selection of Perma-Grit® Tools in a professional marine workshop there was unanimous acclaim from all who used them.  As their name implies, Perma-Grit® make abrasives, consisting of tungsten carbide particles, metallurgically bonded to steel blanks.  And their range is wide: files of various shapes - including rotaries and delicate rifflers for model-making - sanding blocks, hole cutters and saw blades, All deal handsomely with a variety of materials working particularly well on timber and GRP.  The 5 ½” sanding block shown here has a fine grit on one side and coarse on the other, both attached to a comfortable aluminium grip.  It’s been in almost daily use for over six months and still performs as well as when it was new.  It costs £17.50 including the VAT. Well worth the money.”

     Flyer Magazine - LAA