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  • Alex & James Ladell - Winners - Family build

    June 04, 2024 1 min read

    Monday, 12th October 2020

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    Alex & James (father) Ladell – Aeronautics kit.  Class D Winners.  Family build.

    Alex in July 2019 passed the BMFA "A” test with ease, his LMA proficiency and he flew at his his first show at Elvington in 2019.  Alex passed his "B” test, first time, this year with flying colours. Alex got to grips with building, using tissue and dope during this build.

    Marie (Mother) and Zara (sister) also fly, and Zara is turning her hand to building!  No stopping this family.  Great advocates for model flying, we could do with more families like this.

    Very well done – wheels down Winners.